Bourbon officers recognized for saving lives

Officers put their lives on the line everyday to save others. Three Bourbon police officers answered the call in a big way.
They were recognized for their quick thinking at a Bourbon Town Hall meeting, Tuesday evening.

The officers say they were just doing what they are supposed to do.  They responded to calls, then put their training and equipment to work.

Steve Neidig doesn’t really remember what happened to him on May 17th. “I was down in my workshop and I was mowing the grass and I just dropped. I just died,” he says.

Neidig had a heart attack. His wife Randy remembers it far more clearly. “It was traumatic,” says Steve Neidig’s wife, Randy.

Nearly two months later, Neidig is doing much better, all thanks to the quick thinking of Officers Matthew Haskins and Doug Nordmann.

“They were angels,” says Randy Neidig. “He wouldn’t be here without them.”

Just two days before Neidig was revived, officers Doug Nordmann and Matt Geiger responded to a similar situation.

“I went to bed and a few days later, woke up in Lutheran Hospital,” says Kelly Howard, who was revived by officers. The battery on Howard’s pacemaker died, and his heart slowed.

“Started CPR right away, put the pads on for the AED, kept rotation, CPR and multiple shocks,” says Patrolman Matt Geiger about his response. Once again, a happy ending.

All three Bourbon police cars are equipped with AED’s, a life-saving tool in both cases.

“It was more of a shock when I heard Officer Nordmann and Haskins got another one two days later. That was strange for a small town, but it worked out the way it was supposed to,” says Geiger.

Officer Geiger says the day after he revived Howard, he went on vacation and was on edge until he learned Howard was ok.

Both Howard and Neidig say they’re doing much better now.

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